ERATEC was established in 2003 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, as a technology-focused company.

Since its inception, it has been offering consumers high-quality and technologically advanced products that are easy to use, secure, and provide added value. The company has an expert team of designers and engineers specializing in creating innovative products that cater to user needs, allowing you to allocate time for yourself and make a difference in your kitchen.

The Research and Development team, consisting of experts, is dedicated to developing high-tech products that meet user needs, making the concept of “time,” which is irreplaceable, more beneficial for you. Our main goal is to bring together you, our valued consumers, with our products on enjoyable dining tables with your family, enhancing your time.

ERATEC combines its ambitious products with German technology and continues to connect with consumers across all European countries. With steps taken in production and sales channels towards globalization, ERATEC-branded products will continue to reach consumers worldwide.

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