Airfreyer AF-66


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Quick Info: Clear and Compact

  • This hot air fryer AF-66 is suitable for kitchens with limited storage space.
  • Protect your waistline and also your health with the latest junk food killer, our AF-66 cooking machine.
  • Want that crispy texture? Your Air Fryer can give it to you. French fries, chicken wings, fish salmon, steak or a dessert like pudding, cake….
  • Just set the timer for a few minutes and check your food. It can fry, bake, roast and more.

Product Description

Hot Air Fryer AF-66 – Enjoy crispy food without oil

Do you want to enjoy crispy food without sacrificing healthy eating? Our hot air fryer AF-66 offers exactly that – a revolutionary technology that ensures a 360-degree airflow and even circulation. You can prepare your favorite dishes with up to 80% less fat and still enjoy the same crispy taste. The 5.5-liter basket capacity and 10 pre-programmed cooking functions make cooking a breeze. The pre-heat function allows you to heat your food quickly and evenly. If you have frozen food, the defrost function is just right for you. You can also heat the hot air fryer AF-66 up to 205 degrees and adjust the temperature and timer as needed. With the keep warm function, your food stays warm and fresh at all times. If you need a shake to evenly distribute the food, the SHAK-E function informs you about it. Everything is adjustable on the digital touchscreen, making cooking even easier. Try it out and convince yourself of the revolutionary technology of our hot air fryer AF-66. We are confident that you will love the crispy and healthy food. Order now and enjoy the taste of crispy food without any guilt!

Technical Specifications

Additional information

Weight 4,4 kg

1 – 60 Minuten


Schwarz, Weiß, Anthrazit

Maße (HxBxT)

34 cm x 30 cm x 28 cm


1700 Watt


40 – 200°C (bis zu 205°C)


5,5 Liter (Korb: 6 Liter)

Vorprogrammierte Kochfunktionen


Weitere Funktionen

Pre Heat, Defrost, Keep Warm, SHAK-E, Timer und Gradzahl verstellbar, Digitaler Touchscreen

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