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Quick Info: Clear and Compact

One of the five pillars of Islam is prayer. Prayer is a duty for every Muslim male and female with a mental sanity, according to the Quran.

Before each prayer, a call to prayer announces that it is prayer time. Unfortunately, praying has not been taught to some Muslims among us, many also do not dare to ask how to do it for fear of being ridiculed. To take the burden off your shoulders, we have developed for you the ENH-200, it teaches you step by step how to pray and everything that goes with it! At the same time, this device is also used so that you can see the correct dua and sura at the exact position of prayer.

Product Description

ENH 200 Use:

  • Turn on the on/off switch. The rakatmeter indicator light will come on.
  • To hear the ezan, press the EZAN button, to hear the ablution description, press the ablution button, prayer. To get information about the prayer, press the preliminary information button and listen.
  • Press the time key you want to learn.
  • (The Rakat indicator shows 1. This means that the 1st Rak’ah has been performed. The text Farz or Sunnah lights up. This indicates which prayer you are performing. The picture in the first row – hands are by your side – lights up).
  • After the device tells you how many Rak’ahs you performed the prayer, it makes the intention of that prayer and says Takbir. (The second image lights up while taking takbir).
  • All the times and prayers that should be read in the prayer are read, the light of the image shines on the action that needs to be done on the spot and on time.
  • You can do this by pressing and releasing the forward-backward buttons to jump to any Rak’ah or go back in the prayer. You can stop at the same point and continue.
  • After the prayer is finished, turn it off by pressing the on/off button. ENH

Technical Specifications

Additional information

Technische Spezifikation

Rakatmeter-Anzeigefunktion, Farz-Sunnah-Vitr Anzeige, Alle Gebetsbewegungen können mitverfolgt werden, Ein/Aus Schalter, Lautstärkeregler, Pause, Vorwärts-Rückwärts Taste, Kopfhörerausgang (Kopfhörer enthalten), Saubere und klare Klangfunktion, 3 AAA-Micro-Batterie 1,5 V/li>, Maße von 135 x 15 x 67 mm

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