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Quick Info: Clear and Compact

Fast ice production: Produces 9 ice cubes in just 8 minutes.
Large capacity: Up to 26 pounds (12 kg) of ice cubes in 24 hours.
Semi-transparent lid: Allows an insight into the production process.
Self-cleaning function: For easy and hygienic maintenance.
Food-grade ABS material: Ensures quality and durability.
Compact design: Ideal for kitchens of all sizes.
Simple operation: User-friendly with intuitive controls.
Energy efficient: Economical consumption, ideal for everyday use.
Accessories included: With ice scoop and ice basket for immediate use.
Versatile use: Perfect for households, offices or events.

Product Description

ERATEC IM-7: Ice cube machine. 12 kg of ice cubes per day, production time 6-8 min

Discover the incredible speed of the ERATEC IM-7 ice cube machine, which serves you 9 perfect ice cubes in just 8 minutes! Ideal for spontaneous party planning or when you need a quick refreshment. This machine is your reliable partner for ice-cold drinks.

Efficient IM-7 ice cube machine for the home

Imagine having up to 26 pounds (12 kg) of ice cubes at your disposal within 24 hours. The IM-7 ice cube machine makes it possible. Perfect for family parties, office use or as a constant companion in your kitchen. Say goodbye to constant ice purchases and enjoy the convenience.

Ease of use and quality

The semi-transparent lid allows you to observe the ice cube production process without opening the lid. The self-cleaning function and the use of food-grade ABS material ensure hygiene and durability. The large ice basket (1.0 L) and water container (1.3 L) ensure continuous ice production without constant refilling.

Technical Specifications

Additional information

Technische Eigenschaften

Modell, IM-7
Spannung, 120V/220V, 50-60Hz
Nennleistung, 90-110W
Material, Edelstahl
Betriebszyklus, 6-8 Minuten
Eiswürfel pro Zyklus, 9 Stück
Tageskapazität, 26 Pfund (ca. 11,8 kg)
Kapazität des Eiskorbs, 1,0 Liter
Kapazität des Wasserreservoirs, 1,3 Liter
Nettogewicht, 7,10 kg
Größe, B9,2 x L11,6 x H11,2 Zoll / 235 x 295 x 287 mm
Material, Lebensmittelgeeignetes ABS
Reinigung, Selbst-Reinigungsfunktion
Deckel, Halbtransparent

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